Alexander Hinton


Professor of Anthropology and Global Affairs

CGHR Executive Committee

Nela Navarro

Associate Director, Director of Education

Director Graduate ELL and ITA Program, English Department (New Brunswick)

CGHR Executive Committee

Stephen Eric Bronner

Director of Global Relations

Board of Governors Professor, Department of Political Science, New Brunswick

CGHR Executive Committee

Thomas La Pointe


Associate Professor

Department of Composition and Literature

Bergen Community College

Mohamed Alsiadi

Project Chair, US-MidEast Dialogue Project

Elena Lesley

Publications Coordinator

Edwin Daniel Jacob

New Media Coordinator

Igor A. Kotler

Project Leader, U.S.-Russia-FSU Project


Kelsey Lizotte

Programming Manager

Maryella Hannum

Development Board and UNESCO Chair Coordinator

CGHR Staff (2007-2016)