Critical Genocide Studies Project

In recent years, the field of genocide studies has matured. There are now journals, associations, centers, program, graduate degrees, and conferences on the topic. Accordingly, the time seems right to think critically about some of the disciplinary practices, assumptions, forms of knowledge and potential blinds spots characteristic of the field. To this end, the Critical Genocide Studies project undertakes related research, scholarship, and curricular initiatives. Most recently, the project has been focusing on Forgotten Genocides that have been written out of history and the debates surrounding them. In 2011, the Center held an international symposium on Forgotten Genocides, worked to create webpages on given Forgotten Genocides, and co-sponsored a graduate student symposium on Critical Genoide Studies that was linked to a course taught on the topic. Such activities have continued into 2014, most recently with a 2014 course on "Raphael Lemkin, Critical Genocide Studies, and Ways of Knowing" and series of events, including an international conference, "Genocide: Pathways and Passages." Such initiatives are undertaken with the assumption that a critical genocide studies perspective will only help to further deepen our understanding of the origins, dynamics, and aftermaths of genocide and mass murder. It is also in keeping with CGHR's broader emphasis on exploring the gaps and blind spots in our understanding about genocide and mass violence. 

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