Camille Ferguson

The Jamaican-born New Yorker, Camille Ferguson is a fifth year PhD. student in the Global Urban studies track. She is currently finalizing her dissertation proposal to examine how school policy and neighborhood disadvantage, in Newark, New Jersey, intersect to influence adolescent stress. Previously, she has served as a graduate assistant with the Newark Schools Research Collaborative and also developed her research through a year-long Rutgers Dissertation fellowship. In addition, Camille has over 15 years of experience in education teaching, curriculum development, and research. She has recently returned to work as a research associate at the Education Development Center (EDC), an education research and development firm, in Massachusetts, with offices in New York City. Most of her projects at EDC include evaluations of informal education science and technology programs designed to broaden participation among traditionally marginalized groups. Camille received her Master of Urban Planning degree from Hunter University and her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Howard University. She is also certified in stress management and meditation.