C. Laura Lovin

 C. Laura Lovin completed her MA degrees in Cultural Studies and Gender Studies with the University of Bucharest and the Central European University in Budapest. She is in her last year of PhD training in Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University and teaches in the Women’s and Gender Studies programs at Rutgers. Her dissertation examines how the visual arts create discursive and affective experiences that augment the political potential of bodies and spaces. In her investigation of the production of new forms of subjectivity she also considers how various models of capitalist multicuturalism produce commodified subjectivities, while also vacating urban space for touristic consumption and financial corporate occupation. Her current research also focuses on Eastern European feminist theories and practices.  She is the author of “Grounds for Hope: Voices of Feminism and Women’s Activism in Romania,” forthcoming in Justice, Hegemony and Mobilization: Views from East/Central Europe and Eurasia, edited by Jan Kubik and Amy T. Linch with NYU Press.