Bricks, Mortar, Memories and Pride The James Street Commons Reconsidered

Institute on Ethnicity, Culture and the Modern Experience
Rutgers University, Newark Campus
Bricks, Mortar, Memories and Pride

The James Street Commons Reconsidered 

The Newark Public Library, 3rd Floor
James Street Commons.  The Commons is a vibrant, intensely self-aware Newark neighborhood, exceptionalized by the complexity of the downtown corridor in which it is located, by an array of venerable, close-by cultural, educational and civic institutions, and, most importantly, by the tenacious civic discipline evinced by those who live within its boundaries.  Its history and its struggle to survive should be acknowledged, indeed savored, by all Newarkers and those who care about Newark.
Drawing upon archival material from local institutions, residents, historic preservation activists, and the memories of neighbors, Bricks, Mortar, Memories and Pride ennobles a uniquely American neighborhood as well as the historic preservation movement in a very old American city that seeks to survive and prosper.
Clement Alexander Price and Robin Foster, Rutgers University-Newark
Mark Papianni, Rutgers University-Newark
Check out some photos from the June 12th, 2013 exhibition opening: