NCAS Student Tom Stratton Makes the Transition From Rock-'n'-Roller to Biomedical Scientist

It was the stuff of rock-‘n-roll dreams. Tom Stratton and his buddies from Cranford, N.J., had played in an indie-rock band since he was 13. When Tom was a Rowan University sophomore in 2004, the band – called Socratic – did a show in Los Angeles, and a record company offered them a contract that night.

He left school, played drums and guitar on tour in Asia and Australia and throughout the U.S., recorded albums, and now – 10 years later – is still earning high praise for his work, though not as a musician. Tom Stratton has become a very talented biomedical scientist conducting top-level pharmaceutical research in a lab at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

Stratton is doing this sophisticated work even though he still doesn’t have a college degree, though at age 30 he is well on his way toward earning one as a chemistry major at Rutgers University-Newark.


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Photo: RU-N undergraduate Tom Stratton (left) with Joel Freundlich, of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
(Credit: Rob Forman)