Audrey Truschke's Popular Pieces

"Taj and Bigotry," Indian Express. October 2017. link.

"India at 70: Why Hindu Nationalists are Afraid of Mughals," DailyO. August 2017. link.

"Censoring Indian History," History Today. August 2017. link and link to print version.

"Modern Politics in Premodern History," Stanford University Press Blog (link) and The Wire (link). May 2017.

"The Much-Maligned Mughal," Aeon. April 2017. link.

"The Right's Problem with History," DNA India. October 2016. link.

“The Great Mughal Whitewash,” India Today. March 2016. link.

“It is High Time to Discard the Pernicious Myth of India’s Medieval Muslim ‘Villains’,” The Wire. January 2016. link.

“What We Can Learn From India’s Medieval Past,” The Wire. September 2015. link.


Select Reports on Audrey Truschke's Research

"The Historian who Engages (long interview)." Live Mint. October 14, 2017. link.

"Historian finds herself at the center of India's Hindu-Muslim Conflict." March 23, 2017. link.

Interview with Audrey Truschke in The Hindu. September 14, 2015. link.

"Stanford scholar casts new light on Hindu-Muslim relations," September 9, 2015. link.