Learning Goals

Rutgers University-Newark Undergraduate Minor in American Studies 

The undergraduate minor in American Studies at Rutgers-Newark explores American politics, culture and society in Newark, northern New Jersey and around the world.  Our courses embrace interdisciplinary methods and draw on disciplines ranging from English to sociology to history.

Our students conduct research in traditional academic settings and also learn to interpret American culture as it is expressed in cities and suburbs, cultural institutions, and everyday life. Research, analysis and writing are central to our major, but we also encourage students to work in the public humanities in ways that encourage dialogue between our university and the public around us.

Learning Goal 1:  Train students in the interdisciplinary study of American culture and develop research skills enabling them to produce essays and cultural productions that illuminate and analyze American culture.

Learning Goal 2: Foster student research that explores American civilization's heterodox identities, institutions, and cultures.

Learning Goal 3: Encourage the original, creative, and academically substantial  work in public history and public humanities that engages diverse audiences and questions.