Aditi Jain, BA/MD Program

I have always wanted to be a leader. I moved to Westfield, New Jersey at three years old after emigrating from India. I was heavily involved in the student government from fourth grade to my senior year at Westfield High School, as well as participating on numerous varsity sports teams. This taught me the importance of leadership. As a second degree black belt instructor, I have learned how to teach and adjust to the different types of students out there.

My passion for the sciences, especially biology, stem from my fascination of how the human body functions. In order to cultivate my interest, I attended summer programs geared toward introducing students to the medical profession. Shortly after, I began shadowing physicians and volunteering at the Pediatrics Department at University Hospital in Newark.

My greatest exposure to the medical field was volunteering with the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad. There, I served as an EMT and for the past two and a half years and went on emergency calls ranging in seriousness from a scrape on the arm to a heart attack or stroke. My experience with the squad has been some of the greatest times of my life, without a doubt.

I have expanded my medical knowledge by taking a trip to India and shadowing physicians of various specialties. I would love to go back as a doctor and dedicate my time to those same medical clinics in those remote areas I spent time in. This was incredibly eye-opening and it made me realize that medicine was exactly where I want to be, and that’s how I got here today— at Rutgers-Newark.

My main reason for coming to Rutgers is the abundance of resources and opportunities. With its own law school, business school, nursing school, and now medical school, Rutgers has a network that is boundless. I knew that having a Rutgers education and ultimately becoming an alumnus would definitely set me apart in the future.

I want to leave my mark on the BA/MD program by working diligently in my courses, doing internships, and working on research projects. Rutgers offers numerous research and shadowing opportunities that I plan to advantage of. Even more so, I would like to become a voice on campus by joining organizations ranging in and out of my comfort zone.

My goal is to become a pediatric cardiologist because it combines my love for children with my enthusiasm of the cardiac system. I am honored to start my path at the BA/MD program. My advice for students interested in applying to the BA/MD program is to apply if you have passion. This is a perfect gateway, but the key is definitely passion. Do the things you love, and if this program caters to exactly that, then go for it!