Yoel, Peru

Hello, my name is Yoel Paredes-Rodriguez. I’m from Cuzco, Peru, where I studied my BA in Theology. I came to PALS in 2005, and studied in the intermediate and advanced levels. My experience at PALS was enriching as I was able to interact with faculty and staff who were dedicated to the students' experience in learning and advancing our understanding of the English language.  PALS gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and develop a greater sense of how the English language  is used based on context and experience.  PALS has extensive tools to enrich any student's English and challenge each one to reach beyond their current levels. I enjoyed the classes offered by Professors Bonnie Harley and Tim Keane.  They developed a humorous approach to their teaching styles, which attracted our attention and gave us a sense of ease especially when learning challenging aspects of the course.  These were two particular teachers that I remember fondly.

Since completing PALS, I have attained a BA is psychology from Montclair University. I am currently pursuing an MA in Pastoral Care from Fordham University. Moreover, as I complete my thesis at Fordham, I am beginning my second Master’s degree in Psychology of Education from Teacher’s College at Columbia University, after which I plan to pursue a doctorate degree in Clinical psychology or legal studies. PALS helped develop English conversation and writing skills that have prepared me for my advanced studies at the university level.