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TutorTrac is a  web application that provides undergraduate students a convenient way to:

  • book and cancel appointments from any computer
  • reserve material from our lending library
  • download Writing Center and Learning Center documents that have been uploaded to your account 

There are several benefits to using TutorTrac

  • convenience of managing your tutoring schedule
  • easy record keeping and progress report updates
  • access to reserve materials that may be taken home

Because TutorTrac is also being adopted by the Learning Center, you may schedule appointments with both centers from your TutorTrac homepage.


Appointment Rules

TutorTrac has a relatively easy user interface so you can learn it fairly easily.  Online tutorials above on this page are useful to start with, while we'll make ourselves available for you to ask questions or get a private lesson should you wish to do so.

From any computer, you may log in to your TutorTrac homepage to book and cancel appointments, reserve material from our lending library, change your profile information and download documents that have been uploaded to your account.  From an assigned computer at the Writing or Learning Centers only, you may check-in to confirm your attendance and check-out to confirm your departure.  Making note of the differences in terminology will prevent confusions.

You may use TutorTrac at any time and you may visit our center at any time, but to assist with traffic flow, we encourage you to sign-in to confirm your attendance no more than five minutes prior to your appointment.

You will be automatically marked absent if you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment.

Drop-in hours will be offered on a limited basis only.  You may not check-in to a center for a service that is not available at the time of check-in.  Please review our schedule and plan your visits accordingly.

You may not schedule an appointment more than seven days before the time of the appointment.

If you miss an appointment without cancelling, you will be notified by e-mail and at your next log-in.  Please contact the appropriate center to discuss your missed appointment. 

Two unexcused missed appointments during any one semester will deactivate your TutorTrac account.  Since this surely will result in inconveniences, it's best to cancel your appointments via TutorTrac. Canceling your appointment also frees up your unused slot for another student thereby giving you good karma.

One missed appointment at the Writing Center and one missed appointment at the Learning Center during the same semester are considered two missed appointments.

If TutorTrac becomes disabled all group appointments and unscheduled individual appointments will be treated as drop-in.  Scheduled appointments will remain unchanged.  Check our tutoring schedule page for appointment times.


For help with TutorTrac, please contact us:

Conklin Hall, Room 126
175 University Avenue

Newark, New Jersey 07102
Tel: 973 353-5847

Bradley Hall, Room 140
110 Warren Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Tel: 973-353-5608