University & Community Programs

Rutgers-Newark is committed to the growth and health of the city of Newark. Within Arts and Sciences, students and faculty find many ways to engage with the community and enrich local life.

The MFA in creative writing program not only welcomes the public to readings in its Writers at Newark Reading Series, but also sends MFA students to lead reading-group discussions on works by series authors at the Newark Public library.

Through the Marion Thompson Wright Lecture Series, the university brings history into the public square, welcoming attendees from all walks of life to scholarly exchanges on black history and culture.

In addition, several faculty members are working to improve public education in the city. Roberta Schorr, associate professor in the Department of Urban Education, is a principal investigator in the National Science Foundation-funded Newark Public Schools Systematic Initiative in Mathematics and a crusader for change in the teaching of mathematics.

Alec Gates, professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, is on a crusade as well, reaching out to inspire minority students to pursue careers in Science through the L-SAMP initiative.


How You Can Help

Donor Support can play a powerful part in expanding each of these initiatives -- and many others -- through which Rutgers-Newark brings benefit to the people of the city and region. Contact the Office of External Relations and Advancement today to help NCAS & UCN bring positive change beyond the campus. Or make a gift here.