Undergraduate Courses


21:050:200 Introduction to American Studies (3) An interdisciplinary survey of the culture of the United States.


21:050:311,312 Popular Culture and the Media (3,3) Popular arts, attitudes, folklore, and myths in print, broadcast, electronic, and commercial media; relationship of popular culture to vogues, movements, censorship, audience, leisure, politics, business, and technology; content analysis of actual texts, and examples balanced with a survey of theory, history, and criticism.


21:050:391,392 Fieldwork in American Studies (3,3) Oral history, photographic surveys, historical preservation, or other practical exercises in the collection, analysis, and description of evidence of American culture. The focus is a team project.


21:050:488,489 Topics in American Studies (3,3) Each semester the course offers a different topic for intensive, interdisciplinary study in a seminar format; seminar paper required. For specific topics in any semester, consult the online schedule of classes.


21:050:498,499 Individual Study in American Studies (3,3) Supervised arrangement for readings, a research paper, fieldwork, or an internship in such institutions as the New Jersey Historical Commission, the New Jersey Historical Society, the Newark Public Library, or the Newark Museum. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor or program director.