Undeclared/Undecided Students

Figuring out your major can be hard.  Here are some tips on how to go about figuring it all out.

Start by becoming more self-aware.  You can do this by trying to answer these questions first:

What are you willing to work hard at?  

What do you enjoy spending your time doing?

What skills do you have or are willing to work on?

Explore Career options based on your interests, values, and future plans

What kind of job would you like to have after you graduate from college?  

What environment do you see yourself working in?  (bank, school, university, lab, hospital, government agency, etc.)

What life style do you want to have?  Do you want to travel for work?  Do you want traditional hours (9-5) or do you prefer to work evenings, weekends, overnight?     

Do you find the career valuable?  Is the role important in our society and important for you and your self-worth? 

Take advantage of the following resources on campus:

1. bi-annual major/minor fair- each fall and spring semester OAS hosts a fair that features faculty and staff from all the academic departments on campus to speak to students about their major and the career options available with that major

2. visiting with a career advisor  at the Career Development Center and taking a career inventory assessment

3. researching careers on BLS.gov