Truth in the Americas Project (2016-present)

The Truth in the Americas project explores questions of memory, justice, and survival in the Americas through the lens of truth, examining its complexities as a concept and a lived experience. Over the last thirty years, truth has emerged as an important space for accounting for past violence in Latin America. In the wake of state terror, torture, disappearances, and genocide, communities have turned to truth as a grassroots response and challenge to political violence, through practices of memory and advocacy for justice that resists the erasure of their experience. States have also engaged truth as a form of transitional justice, using truth commissions and other modalities of truth in the wake of war, human rights abuses, and genocide. Yet, although truth has become critical to rebuilding civil society and democracy, it also represents a particular form of accounting, often existing in a constitutive tension with justice and the inherently contested nature of memory.  This project explores the plural and fractured nature of truth(s) as an opportunity to engage in a set of critical questions about truth in relation to violence and inequality in the Americas, as experienced in different nations and diaspora communities.

April 2016
Living Truth in the Americas
Rutgers University, Newark

Tuesday April 4, 2017
Diaspora and Genocide in the Americas
12 College Ave
Rutgers University, New Brunswick