Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing On Campus! - Canceled

Due to considerable cloudiness, the viewing for the lunar eclipse has been canceled.

This weekend on the night of September 27/28 there will be a total lunar eclipse from 8pm, Sunday to 1:30am, Monday.  Weather permitting, come join the Physics department view the eclipse on the roof of Boyden Hall.  The moon is near its perigee and thus appears a little larger than usual (supermoon). Get ready: you don't need much to see the total eclipse, but binoculars or tele-lens cameras with TRIPODS would allow you to get your own pictures.  There will be two Celestron scopes ready for Go-Pro cameras.  Recording the time of various phases of the eclipse might also be nice.

Check out (especially the animation):

Most of the partial and total phases of the eclipse the moon will be more than 15 degrees above the horizon (40-45 degrees at total eclipse) and SE to S in the sky. For a clear view, choose your observation spot carefully and ahead of time. Only about 20 can be admitted to the roof atop Boyden Hall, but there might be a nice spot on Warren Street (careful with the street lights though).

If you have equipment that you would like to set up please arrive by sundown.