Syria Peace and Justice Project

Since the Syrian conflict began in 2011, tens of thousands of people have been killed or wounded and millions displaced from their homes. The fighting continues, with no clear end in sight. The international community seems stymied, debating the pros and cons of intervention, a debate that has intensified after gas attacks, torture accusations, and the rise of ISIS. The Syrian Justice Project, established as part of CGHR's UNESCO Chair on Genocide Prevention has two aims: first, to explore the pathways to peace in the conflict; and, second, to look ahead to consider possible steps to prevent a renewal of the violence and what post-conflict justice in Syria might entail. It builds on CGHR’s long-standing interest on Syria, dating back to a 2008 visit of a Syrian student delegation.


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"Veto" is a short film sheds light on the current Syrian Revolution and the circumstances behind the transformation from peaceful movement to an armed revolution. "Veto" takes you through the last two years of this unbearable suffering with over 100,000 Syrian victims and more than 5 million displaced people, and the world is still clueless about how to stop this horrendous crime! "Veto" was nominated for the Documentary of The Year Award in Germany 2013, screened at several American universities, and was highlighted by several international media outlets including Huffington Post T.V.


Malek Jandali Freedom Qashoush Symphony


Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Report from Syria: Life inside an Internal Displacement Camp
Nela Navarro
Thomas LaPointe
Hill Hall 703

Thursday, October 24, 2013
The Music of Hope
Malek Jandali
Conklin Hall 346
Rutgers, Newark

Saturday, October 26
The Voice of the Free Syrian Children
Malek Jandali Benefit Concert
Merkin Concert Hall
129 West 67th. Street
New York, NY

Wednesday, October 30
Without Refuge: Voices from a Syrian Camp for Internally Displaced Person
Roundtable Discussion
Thomas La Pointe (Bergen)
Nela Navarro (Rutgers)
Bergen County College
Room C-316

Thursday, November 14, 2013
Genocide, Justice, and Healing in Syria
Jonathan Shannon (Anthropology, Hunter)
Edward Ziter (Drama, NYU)
Dana Room
4th Floor, Dana Library
Rutgers, Newark