Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies


Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies contributes to the academic and professional development of its students by developing their skills in critical thinking and writing as well as honing their linguistic expertise.  According to recent research, learning a second language as an adult sharpens cognitive skills correlated with academic success. Language study also improves employment prospects in a global economy; a study by Georgetown University found that foreign language majors had the lowest rate of unemployment of any field in the humanities.   

 In conjunction with the Department of Urban Education, we help students interested in teaching become certified to teach world languages as they complete their majors in Spanish or Portuguese. Many of our majors complete a second major in a wide variety of departments, including Business, Criminal Justice, English, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Nursing and Pre-Medicine, Psychology, Social Work, and Visual and Performing Arts, where knowledge of a foreign language is increasingly important for the development of both local and global connections.  We also offer a new minor in Latin American Studies.

Explore our website to learn more about what the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies has to offer you. In addition to Spanish and Portuguese, we offer classes in several other languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, and Japanese. To learn more about the faculty members teaching these languages, visit the Faculty and Staff section.

News & Announcements

  • Please join us for our Fall 2014 colloquia:

    Juan Pablo Comínguez, Rutgers University-New Brunswick. September 24tth, 2014: “Subject Position and Information Structure: Wh-questions in Puerto Rican Spanish”


    Myrna García Calderón, Syracuse University. October 29th, 2014: “Espacios de la memoria en el Caribe Hispánico insular y sus diasporas”


    Franklyn Rodríguez, William Patterson University. November 19th, 2014: “Paseo por ‘el puto planeta tierra’: El territorio literario de Roberto Bolaño”