Social Sciences

The College’s learning objectives call for multiple modes of inquiry, critical and creative thinking, an understanding of intercultural relations, and diversity. All students must therefore complete 6 credits in the social sciences.

The courses, consisting of two 3-credit classes, must come from a list of approved courses offered by the Departments of Anthropology and Sociology, Economics, Political Science, or Psychology.

Courses that satisfy this requirement include:

21:790:201 American National Government
21:790:202 America and the World
21:790:203 Comparative Politics
21:830:101 Principles of Psychology
21:830:102 Principles of Psychology II
21:220:101 Intro to Economics (Micro)
21:220:102 Intro to Economics (Macro)
21:070:204 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
21:070:320 Human Rights in a Global World
21:070:350 Environmental Anthropology
21:070:352 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
21:920:201 Intro to Sociology
21:920:316 Race and Ethnicity in Multicultural Studies
21:920:321 Urban Sociology

The two courses do not need to be offered by the same department: 3 credits in Economics and 3 credits in Sociology, for instance, will be accepted.