Ryan Coughlan

Ryan W. Coughlan is a Presidential Fellow completing his doctoral work in the Urban Education track of the Ph.D. Program in Urban Systems at Rutgers University, Newark. He received his M.A. in secondary education at the City College of New York, his A.B. from Harvard University, and his high school degree from Phillips Academy Andover. Previously, Ryan taught environmental science at Validus Preparatory Academy, a small public high school in the South Bronx. Ryan's research interests include the sociology of education, urban education reform, progressive schooling, and the relationships between schools and communities. Ryan is the co-editor of *Sociology of Education: A Critical Reader* as well as two more forthcoming books. Through his work as a research assistant at Rutgers, Ryan has contributed to research on a Promise Neighborhood in Newark, a study of post-secondary educational pathways, and a plan to reduce segregation across Essex County schools. Ryan's dissertation, "Schools Un/Bounded," studies the relationship between traditionally zoned neighborhood schools and their surrounding communities. Using geospatial statistical methods, this dissertation analyzes a range of neighborhood-level and school-level variables to determine the effects of social processes at the neighborhood-level on educational outcomes. In particular, Ryan considers the relationship between collective efficacy and educational achievement.

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