Services Provided by the Rutgers Learning Center

Tutoring is augmented learning provided primarily in a small group setting by undergraduates to their fellow peers. These undergraduates are trained to clarify important concepts with the understanding that everyone can learn and improve given sufficient time, attention and encouragement. To properly benefit from tutoring, we require students to come prepared to fully participate in their tutoring sessions as active participants, having attended classes, read their textbooks, taken and reviewed their notes, and attempted their assignments.

Some students believe that tutoring is for others who are not as academically gifted as they. On average, this couldn't be further from the truth. Any student can benefit from tutoring, especially if tutoring begins early in the semester. The majority of students who attend tutoring are solid students, chart2, chart3, who want to improve their performance and choose to do so in the company of an expert learner.   We tutor a  host of courses and are looking forward to working with you.

We provide Academic Coaching under the premise that doing well in school is a skill that can be learned and improved upon. Academic Coaching assists you to develop important strategic learning skills that are helpful to remaining competitive at R-N. Session topics are individualized according to your specific needs and assessment results. Sample topics may include but are not limited to: Note Taking, Effective Study Techniques, Test Taking, Time Management, and Stress Management.

Students in need of LD or ADD/ADHD screenings should contact Kate Torres in the Office of Student Life and Leadership (973) 353-5375 for more information.

Faculty may request copies of our introduction of services by completing the following request form. We found the following videos to be especially helpful in understanding the topic of adults with disabilities in higher education, Invisible Disabilities in Higher Education and Accommodating College Students with Learning Disabilities.

Students with updated diagnoses and documentation of disability who expect to request accommodations from the University should call (973) 353-5375.

Scheduled workshops are held during the Fall, Spring, and Summer Sessions. Please check here for our upcoming workshop schedule.

Professors and students may request special topics workshops or workshops held at times different than our posted schedule.

Supplemental instruction is an internationally recognized program developed at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. It begins when a course professor and the RLC select a high achieving student who was previously successful in a given course. The RLC then trains this student to lead out-of-class small group sessions for students who are currently taking the course. Sessions are focused on how to best apply learning strategies to do well in the course.