Rutgers Learning Center

Employment at the Rutgers Learning Center

We employ students to fill several key areas. Preference is given to Rutgers University students in good academic standing. Open positions appear in our help wanted section. Please do not apply for positions that are not currently open.


Tutors meet with students in groups and individually. This is a key position that requires patience, empathy, good language skills and the willingness to learn relevant educational theory. If you are an undergraduate who has earned a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a minimum grade of 3.5 in course(s) that you wish to tutor you may apply to be a tutor. While we will consider outstanding undergraduate transfer students, we prefer to hire undergraduates who have taken the coursework that they wish to tutor at Rutgers University and who therefore and at least have a GPA history at Rutgers, who can tutor a variety of subjects, and who are available to tutor for at least 4.5 hours per week. For the most part, we consider candidates between sophomore and junior level, inclusive. Graduate and professional tutors must provide evidence of additional training or experience beyond the undergraduate level in the subject area that they wish to tutor.


Office Assistants provide clerical support to RLC staff. This is a key position that requires dependability, punctuality, detail orientation, courtesy and a friendly demeanor. Office assistants should be computer literate and familiar with typical office procedures. Preference is given to students who have work-study allotments.


Evening Supervisors provide administration and supervisory support during our evening and Saturday operating hours. The position is open to graduate students only and requires a successful work history, trustworthiness, and excellent decision-making skills.


Graduate and professional tutors should submit a resume, cover letter, relevant accompanying documentation and the 'tutor schedule' document located under the downloads header. Undergraduates should complete the documents located under the downloads header making sure to include all the accompanying information requested on the Tutor Application.

We are inviting Fall 2013 applicants for the Office Assistant position. Please contact the center regarding this position.

Fall 2013 Tutor positions needed include:

Basic Calculus; Calculus 1, 2, 3; Intermediate Algebra; * Mathematics for Liberal Arts (103); Precalculus; Probability and Statistics; Statistics; Anatomy and Physiology; Foundations of Biology; General Biology 1, 2; General Chemistry 1, 2; Microbiology; Organic Chemistry 1, 2; Physics 1, 2; University Physics 1, 2; Business Research Methods; Corporate Finance; Cost and Quality Management; Federal Tax 1; Finance; Financial Accounting; Intermediate Accounting 1, 2; Managerial Accounting; Production Operations Management; Statistical Methods; Macroeconomics; Microeconomics

* Must have taken course at Rutgers within one year


You must download the following files to your desktop in order to view them.  You will not be able to view them in your browser.

Please fully complete the two documents and include all requested supporting information and mail to Please only send documents in PDF or DOC format.  Do not send multiple emails or other methods of delivery. Either send one email with all documents attached or deliver all documents in one visit.  If you need to wait for a document please do so until you have gathered all of them.  If you do not have a resume because you do not have a work history you must create one if only including your educational history and contact information.  Your documents will be reviewed and you will receive a request for interview in early September once classes have resumed. Call (973) 353-5608 for more information.  You will not be contacted if you do not follow these instructions.