Who is considered a re-applicant?

  • Any student who has worked with the office of Pre-Professional Services and applied to medical, dental or another professional school within the last three years.
  • Any student who has successfully completed a previous Health Professions Committee Evaluation process and has a committee letter on file. 

What is the re-applicant timeline to be eligible for a committee evaluation?

May 1st, 2016

  • Complete the Intent to Re-Apply Form
  • Update Health Professions File:
    • Personal statement
    • Transcripts
    • Resume
    • Photo
    • List of activities over the course of the year
  • Supplemental statement

June 1st, 2016

  • At least 1 new letter of recommendation
  • MCAT/DAT scores
  • Application ID#
  • List of Schools
  • Interview may be required

**Submit earlier if possible!**

What if I applied more than three years ago?

  • Option 1: Letter packet may be submitted on your behalf (non-sponsorship)
  • Option 2: Follow the First-Time Applicant Cycle


*Note:  Please contact Pre-Professional Services as soon as possible to review what your available options are at this time.