Queer Newark Oral History Project

The Queer Newark Oral History Project (QNOHP) is community-based and community-directed. We are committed to inclusivity and access.

For more information regarding the QNOHP, please visit queer.newark.rutgers.edu or email queernk@newark.rutgers.edu.

Our Aims:

  • Interview the full diversity of members of Newark’s LGBT community;
  • Engage college and university students and faculty in interviewing, cataloging, transcribing, publicizing, organizing, and performing other tasks that will facilitate the growth of the QNOHP;
  • Cement collaboration between Newark’s LGBT political, service, and faith organizations and Newark and Newark-area colleges and universities with the QNOHP;
  • Encourage LGBT Newark and former Newark residents to donate their papers and other artifacts to our growing collection of Queer Newark.

Our Goals:

  • To interview people whose lives connect to the history and experiences of LGBT Newark;
  • To transcribe interviews so that they are searchable and easily usable for community members, activists, scholars, artists, or anyone interested in Queer Newark;
  • To preserve interviews, as well as whatever papers and artifacts we can collect about Queer Newark, in a permanent, catalogued, archival facility (such as Dana Library at Rutgers University - Newark);
  • To make interviews and artifacts accessible through digitalization;
  • To collect, catalog, and make accessible existing interviews of LGBT Newark residents and former residents.

For more information regarding the QNOHP, please email queernk@newark.rutgers.edu.