Procedure for Designating Courses as “Writing Intensive”

The Department Chair determines which courses and sections will be designated as Writing Intensive. The Chair includes each WI course on the online schedule of courses, designates it as Writing Intensive,** adds a Q section number, and caps the course at 25.* All new and already approved Writing Intensive courses must be submitted when the online schedule of courses is due for the upcoming semester. **

The instructor develops the syllabus, making sure to include the following: substantial writing, multiple writing assignments, revision of work, and opportunities for the instructor to offer critical feedback. (For a fuller explanation, see "Criteria").

The instructor is encouraged to ask the WAC Coordinator to review the syllabus for formal compliance with WAC criteria.

The Department Chair reviews and approves the completed syllabus.

* Please note that if the department proposes a deviation from the mandated 25 student cap, the course must be submitted to the FASN Dean’s Office (Associate Dean Lynn Kuzma).

** As per Dean Jan Lewis’s October 2, 2007 memo, note that: Individual instructors cannot request WI designation. Designation of a Writing Intensive course must be determined by the department offering the course. Any requests for retroactive designation of a WI course must be submitted for approval by the FASN Dean’s Office and will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.