Academic Probation Mandatory Guidelines

If you are on Academic Probation, you are required to adhere to the mandatory guidelines.  Failure to meet all of the requirements below may result in Suspension for the Spring 2016 semester.  


The Fall 2015 semester guidelines are as follows: 

  • A limitation of 13 credits per semester
  • You must meet with your assigned advisor for advisement a minimum of (3) times during the semester by the following prescribed dates:
Meeting 1 by September 9th
Meeting 2 by October 9th
Meeting 3 between October 26th and October 30th
  • Completion of at least one (1) Learning or Writing Center Workshop

  • Completion of one (1) Office of Academic Services (OAS) Academic Success Workshop

  • Please note, depending upon the circumstances of your probation status, you may be required to adhere to additional guidelines.


Please note that your current G.P.A. may change if there are any incomplete or temporary grades on your transcript, or if you have repeated classes that do not have the appropriate “E" and “R” prefix codes noted on your transcript. This could also have an impact on your current probationary status. It is your responsibility to ensure that your G.P.A. is accurate.