Advisor Assignments

For students enrolled in Newark College of Arts and Sciences (NCAS) or University College Newark (UCN), the Office of Academic Services (OAS) will see students according to their last name.  The breakdown is as follows. 


Student's Last Name Academic Advisor Advisor email
A – B Ms. Janeyah Vickers 

C-D Dean Andrea Morales

E-I, Pre-Law, Pre-Health Mrs. Lisa Abreu Morel


Mrs. Patricia Guillaume

Dean Laura Ryblewski

Ms. Cynthia Hawkins

K, Sm-Z

Mrs. Armanda Huenergardt
Pre-Engineering, Pre-Health, Pre-Law

Mr. Chazz Fellenz   

Pre-Health, Pre-Law

Ms. Sara Ouimet

If you would like to schedule an appointment with your advisor?

Schedule online at RU-N 4 Success  


Call us at 973-353-5800

All questions and advisement concerns should be directed to your advisor. 

List above is effective January 4, 2017.