I need to retake my math placement test, who do I contact?

The mathematics placement test retake is available for students who have taken the Accuplacer test, but would like another try. Students must not have attempted a mathematics course at Rutgers-Newark before requesting the mathematics placement test retake.

The format of the retake exam is a paper-based exam and is arranged with Dr. Puhak. Please contact him directly via email to schedule a retake. His email address is rpuhak@rutgers.edu.

I need a special permission number for a closed course. How do I get one?

Students who need a special permission number to register for a closed course should contact the course instructor directly. The office staff do not have special permission numbers to distribute to students.

There are a few questions to be aware of before you request a special permission number:

1. Is it actually closed, or am I missing a prerequisite for the course?

Closed courses appear red in the schedule of classes. If the course doesn't appear red, and is a Rutgers course, you may need a prerequisite override form. Please speak with the undergraduate program director, Prof. Robert Puhak, to request this. His email address is rpuhak@rutgers.edu

2. Is it a Rutgers course or an NJIT course?

If it is a Rutgers course: You will need to speak with the instructor of the course to request a special permission number. Contact information for our faculty can be found here.

If it is an NJIT course: Rutgers students cannot register for NJIT courses directly. All cross-registration should happen at your respective school. If you are a Rutgers student who needs to take an NJIT course during the fall or spring semester, you will need to complete a cross-registration form and have it signed by a faculty advisor (if applicable).

You will need to take the completed form to the Rutgers registrar in person to register for the NJIT courses. Additional actions will need to be taken on the NJIT side, and an email is sent each semester to CS/IS majors and minors with further instructions. If you haven't declared your major or minor yet, you should do this to ensure you'll receive the email.

3. Is it a senior project, independent study, internship, or teaching apprenticeship?

These courses do not have assigned instructors. Please refer to the information on our undergraduate programs page for more information. 

I want to declare (or drop) my major or minor. How do I do that?

First, we're glad that you're considering one of our programs for your major or minor. You should stop by the hallway outside Smith Hall, Room 216 and pick up a Declaration of Major or Minor form. This form is used to add or drop a major or minor. You will need to complete the form and meet with one of our faculty advisors. Please refer to the current faculty office hours to determine the best person to speak with. 

Generally speaking, there aren't assigned advisors, but during the fall and spring semesters, Prof. Robert Puhak only advises graduating seniors, transfer students, and students who need a prerequisite override form completed. Otherwise, look for faculty members with an arrow next to their name, as they're the faculty advisors.

Once the form has been signed, you'll need to take it to the registrar (located on the 3rd floor of Blumenthal Hall) to complete the declaration of major or minor process.

I'm a visiting student who wants to take a course at Rutgers and need the syllabus for the course.

All of our current syllabi can be found here.