Profile: Nicole M. Butkovich Kraus

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Core Global Urban Studies Faculty

Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Global Urban Studies/Urban Systems Ph.D.

Ph.D., Sociology, Wisconsin-Madison, 2015

Social Stratification; Nationalism and Xenophobia; Race and Ethnicity; Migration and Globalization; Research Methods; the Russian Federation and Former Soviet Union

Nikki Kraus’ research centers on the processes that affect inequality, particularly focusing on xenophobia and social exclusion in the context of globalization and migration. Her work draws on traditional stratification approaches to intergroup relations, emphasizing conceptual clarity, contextualization, and cross-national comparisons. She synthesizes theories of race and nation to suggest we assess the nature of prejudice not as an ambiguous feeling of antipathy, but as a spectrum of emotional-types. Kraus is currently working on projects that focus on the relationship between national identity and xenophobia, on prejudice among youth in the Russian Federation, and on the political effects of demographic shifts in majority populations.

  • Associated Programs

    Peace and Conflict Studies graduate program core faculty
  • Courses Taught

    Introduction to sociology (syllabus) and Social Research II (syllabus)
  • Education

    Sociology PhD, University of Wisconsin, 2015
  • Files

  • 973-353-5255
  • Hill Hall room 618
    360 ML King Jr Blvd.
    Newark, NJ 07102