Natural Sciences

The College’s learning objectives call for an ability to produce knowledge through multiple modes of inquiry. All students must therefore complete two courses with laboratories in the natural sciences.

The courses must come from a list of approved courses offered by the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The two courses do not need to be offered by the same department: one course in Biology and one course in Chemistry, for instance, will be accepted.

NOTE: Students enrolled in University College-Newark will be exempt from one laboratory course.  These students can complete the Natural Science requirement by taking one laboratory-based course and one non-laboratory course in the natural sciences.  All courses must come from the list of approved natural science core curriculum courses.

Courses that satisfy this requirement include:

21:460:103 Planet Earth
21:460:104 Planet Earth (Lab)
21:460:206 Environmental Geology
21:460:207 Environmental Geology Lab
21:160:101 World of Chemistry
21:160:110 World of Chem Lab 
21:160:115 General Chem I*
21:160:113 General Chem Lab I*
21:160:116 General Chem II*
21:160:114 General Chem Lab II*
21:120:101 General Biology**
21:120:102 General Biology**
21:120:109 Basic Plant Science**
21:120:110 Basic Plant Science Lab**
21:120:201 Foundations of Bio: Cellular and Molecular Biology*
21:120:202 Foundations of Bio: Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab* 
28:120:205 Foundations of Bio: Ecology and Evolution*
28:120:206 Foundations of Bio: Ecology and Evolution Lab*
21:750:101 Workshop Physics I
21:750:102 Workshop Physics II
21:750:213 University Physics I
21:750:205 Physics I Lab
21:750:214 University Physics II
21:750:206 Phyics II Lab
 *Only applies for Chemistry/Biology Majors
 **Does not Apply to Biology/Chemistry Majors