Profile: Lee Slater

Henry Rutgers Professor of Geophysics

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Field of Specialization: Near-Surface Geophysics

Research Interests:

  • Low-frequency electrical properties (spectral Induced polarization, induced polarization, complex resistivity)     of near-surface soils
  • Hydrogeophysics: "Fusing hydrogeological and geophysical research to improve knowledge of flow & transport in subsurface"
  • Biogeophysics: "Fusing biological and geophysical research to improve knowledge of microbial processes     in subsurface
  • Fractured rock geophysics: improving geophysical imaging of contaminated fractured rock aquifers using a     geophysical toolbox
  • Wetlands/Peatlands geophysics
  • Methane Cycling in Northern Peatlands
  • 973-353-5109
  • 101 Warren Street,
    Smith Hall Room 137
    Newark, New Jersey, 07102