Landscapes of Truth

Over the past four decades, Cambodians have lived through six regimes, including Democratic Kampuchea, the genocidal period of Khmer Rouge rule (April 17, 1975-January 9, 1979) in which perhaps 2 million people perished. During this time, Cambodians have seen a variety of truth claims made both by different governments and during international interventions, such as the People's Republic of Kampuchea memorialization efforts (1979), the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (1991-1994), and now the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, or Khmer Rouge Tribunal (2006-present). This project considers these truth claims in relationship to the everyday understandings and practices of Cambodians, including rural villagers, whose perspective has too often been relegated to the background. In doing so, this project speaks to broader discussion of how post-conflict societies find a path forward after genocide, mass violence, and related interventions.

Recent Events

Tuesday, October 10
Landscapes of Truth in Cambodia
Youk Chhang
Director, Documentation Center of Cambodia
Dana Room
4th Floor, Dana Library

Tuesday, October 3
Justice, Memory, and the Documentation Center of Cambodia
Fatily Sa
Dana Room
4th Floor, Dana Library

Cambodian Genocide Remembrance Day
April 17, 2018
Dana Room, 4th Floor, Dana Library