Profile: Jennifer Austin

Associate Professor and Department Chair

Center for Migration and the Global City, Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies


Jennifer Austin is an associate professor and Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies at Rutgers University, Newark. She received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Cornell University with a minor in Cognitive Science, and before coming to Rutgers-Newark she taught at Williams College. Her research interests include first and second language acquisition, first language attrition, and the effects of bilingualism on language processing and cognition. She has written articles on the acquisition of syntax by children learning Basque, English, and Spanish, and has collected data for her research in the U.S. and in Spain. Austin is a member of the graduate faculty in Psychology at Rutgers-Newark and in Spanish and Portuguese at Rutgers-New Brunswick, where she is also a member of the Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition Group.  In addition, she is a co-founder of HoLa, a dual-immersion charter school in Hoboken, NJ.

  • Departments

     Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies at Rutgers University, Newark.

    Graduate faculty member:

    Department of Psychology, Rutgers University, Newark.

    Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

  • Courses Taught


    Rutgers-Newark: Language Acquisition, History of the Spanish Language, Latino Bilingualism, Teaching Methodologies for World Languages 

    Rutgers, New Brunswick: Bilingual Language Acquisition (graduate seminar)


  • Education

    Ph.D., Linguistics, minor in Cognitive Science, Cornell University

    B.A., Earlham College

  • Publications


    Austin, J., Blume, M. and Sánchez, L. (2015). Bilingualism in the Spanish-speaking world: Linguistic and cognitive perspectives. Cambridge University Press.


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  • Research Initiatives

    Jennifer Austin's new research projects include a longitudinal study of the development of verbal agreement and subject expression in young Spanish/English bilinguals, in collaboration with Liliana Sánchez, Silvia Pérez-Cortés and Gretchen Van de Walle. In another project, she is looking at the acquisition of quantifiers and number words in Spanish-speaking children who are learning English as a second language; this work is being doing in collaboration with Kristen SyrettLiliana Sánchez, Anne Lingwall and Silvia Pérez-Cortés. She is also conducting a study of L1 syntactic attrition in Russian-English bilinguals in collaboration with Olga Boukrina and Crystal Marull.





  • Subjects Taught

    Bilingualism, Language Acquisition, Hispanic Linguistics