January 15, 2015: Lisa Nocks to present on "On-line class size and the Reality of Humanities Teaching and Learning"

On-line class size and the Reality of Humanities Teaching and Learning
Thursday, January 15, 2015 from 3:45 to 4:30 PM
Hilton, East Brunswick


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Session E (3:45pm-4:30pm)
Online Program Administration
Student Retention
Lisa Nocks
Speaker Bio: 

Dr. Nocks, historian of science, technology, and media culture began teaching in 1989 and moved to NJIT in 2007, where she is senior lecturer in the Federated department of history. She has developed and taught college courses in history, media studies, and the arts in a traditional classroom environment, and began teaching online for the New School in 2010. She consults on historical points for books and documentary projects and is currently working on a book about humanoid robotics. She has authored articles and essays including That Does Not Compute in Science Fiction and Computing (McFarland), T.H. Huxley: The Evolution of the Bulldog in Icons of Evolution (Greenwood), and previously, Frankenstein in a Better Light (Journal of Social and Evolutionary Systems.) She is the author of the Choice Outstanding Title The Robot: The Life Story of a Technology (Johns Hopkins UP).

Workshop Title: 
On-line class size and the Reality of Humanities Teaching and Learning
Workshop Description: 

Online space is not unlimited space. High online course enrollment poses challenges to student retention and success. To inspire straightforward discussion about the real cost of this trend, I describe specific humanities course experience, and encourage creative thinking about managing courses that are discussion and writing heavy.