Erika Bsumek-Hannon, Ph.D

As the first Geraldine R. Dodge Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute, Dr. Bsumek-Hannon was instrumental in setting the standard for the Dodge Fellowship. She conceptualized and developed the City Children and their Cultures lecture into a series; recorded and archived the Institute's early endeavors; researched and initiated a number of funding initiatives; and contributed significantly to the Institute's mission of public scholarship. In the fall 2002, Dr. Bsumek will become an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Texas, Austin, where she will continue to explore her research interests in the area of Native American Cultural history and commerce.

She has spent the past year as a fellow at the Tanner Humanities Center, participating in the Center's yearly events, giving works-in-progress talks, and working on her book, "Indian Made." As part of her fellowship, she has worked as the key coordinator of a symposium titled, "History, Anthropology, and the Law". This symposium will explore how different disciplines approach race as a social construction. Papers will be presented that will enable participants to engage in a discussion of what "social construction" really means and how the concept will be utilized in the future. Her experience as a Dodge Fellow has greatly influenced the way that she has approached this symposium, the questions she has asked, and the fact that she would like its participants to attempt to consider the public applications of scholarly work on race, ethnicity, and culture. She was also a participant in a workshop co-sponsored by USC and Columbia University on the topic of interdisciplinary work titled "Humanities and the Law."