Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience

About the Institute

The Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience is celebrating its second decade as an interdisciplinary academic program at Rutgers-Newark that serves the greater Newark metropolitan region by reaching into the community at large with lectures, symposia, film, performances, exhibitions, and other programs that enhance public understanding of urban life, the social construction of difference, race relations, local history, urban youth culture, and education.

Through its numerous programmatic partnerships, the Institute provides essential context for the good work of public institutions, among them the Newark Public Schools, The Newark Public Library, The Newark Museum, The New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Boys and Girls Club of Newark, WBGO, Public Radio in Newark, New Jersey Network, the New Jersey Historical Society, the American Jewish Committee, the National Park Service, and the New Jersey State Police. Such partnerships bridge the collegiate/community divide, fostering mutual learning and productive public service.

The Institute is a co-sponsor, with the New Jersey Historical Commission, of the annual Marion Thompson Wright Lecture Series. The conference has drawn thousands of citizens to Rutgers-Newark in observance of Black History Month in New Jersey since 1981, when it was co-founded by Institute director, Dr. Clement Price and Giles R. Wright, the inaugural director of the Afro-American History Program at the New Jersey Historical Commission. This free lecture series is a community based ritual in public scholarship that brings to the university some of the nation's foremost scholars and humanists conversant with African-American and African history and culture. It has become one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious events of its kind.

The Institute is one of several strategic initiatives designed to further Rutgers University’s mission of educational excellence, leading edge research, and service to the community.  The Institute staff includes:

Dr. Clement Alexander Price
Board of Governors Distinguished Professor of History, Director

Dr. Mark Krasovic
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Associate Director

Marisa Pierson
Senior Program Coordinator

Laura Troiano
Assistant Program Coordinator

Alison Kolodny
Administrative Assistant


The Institute is located at 49 Bleeker Street on the Rutgers-Newark Campus.
Tel. 973.353.1871