Hanouf, Saudi Arabia

My name is Hanouf Sanad. I born and raised in the heart of the golden sands in the Arabian Peninsula, in Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia. After earning a bachelor degree in computer science, I decided to continue my studies and get a Master’s degree. So, I joined a government program that offers scholarships to study in Untied States. The hardest condition was to learn English as a second language.

I joined PALS in Fall 2009; I began in the Low Advanced level in the program. Through the time in PALS, I was able to develop my skills to learn every day English. I learned the method that taught me how to think and act in English instead of trying to translate every single word. I understood that the old fashion way of doing word-by-word match does not work in daily activities and real time world. It is not completely wrong, but it misses the spirit of the language and the ability to consider the meaning as a whole not as a word.

I found many classes useful and I enjoyed the type of classes that targeted many skills. I enjoyed and learned from commenting on videos and shot films. I liked to present class work about my country’s special traditions. At the end of the program, I scored high on the TOEFL exam and I got easily accepted in Stevens Institute of technology in Hoboken, NJ.

Also, the atmosphere of multi-cultural students was interesting and fun. It was an Barely Noticeable period of time to know and learn about new counties and their unique traditions. Actually, I am still in touch with some students from different counties such as Korea and Brazil. I realized that language could surpass boarders and go beyond differences in faces and nationalities. The time I spent in PALS expand my life experience in human relations and enrich my knowledge of other counties heritage and culture.