Genocide and Atrocity Prevention Project (GAPP)

The Genocide and Atrocity Prevention Project’s (GAPP) mission is to help prevent genocide and atrocity crimes. To this end and in keeping with related CGHR goals and projects, GAPP monitors and provides factual and scholarly information about emerging and on-going situations in which genocide and atrocity crimes are taking place. Launched in 2018 as a cross-campus and interdisciplinary working group comprising faculty and students, the first phase of GAPP will involve the creation of a web-based platform of resources on potential and on-going atrocity crimes. After this pilot phase, GAPP will turn to focus on monitoring and intervention. In addition, GAPP will host related lectures, think tank sessions, and symposia. 



Faculty Team

Alex Hinton, Director, CGHR

Stephen Eric Bronner, Director of Global Relations, CGHR


Student Team

Willa-Rae Culpepper


Partner Programs



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