Department of Urban Education

Undergraduate Programs


Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP)

Secondary teacher certification is offered at Newark College of Arts and Sciences.  Through its Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP), the Department of Urban Education prepares teacher candidates to teach in racially, ethnically, economically, and linguistically diverse urban secondary schools.

Students major in one of the following disciplines, while enrolled in UTEP: English, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Environmental Sciences, or Physics), Social Studies (History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, or Economics), and World Language (Spanish).


UTEP Mission:

Rutgers–Newark UTEP recommends critically reflective teacher candidates who are equipped to teach a racially, ethnically, economically, and linguistically diverse student population for NJ state teacher certification in secondary education.

To accomplish our mission, we ensure that our teacher candidates have obtained a satisfactory level of mastery of our 6 principles of teaching known as SUPER 6:

  • Principle 1: Subject Matter and Curriculum Aptitude
  • Principle 2: Understanding Your Learners
  • Principle 3: Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  • Principle 4: Evaluation of Achievement
  • Principle 5: Readiness for Establishing and Maintaining Effective Learning Environments
  • Principle 6: Educational Professonalism 

Our teacher candidates are provided with opportunities to become proactive, effective citizens who demonstrate the importance of social responsibility to the greater community throughout their experiences in the program. 

Unique to UTEP is our commitment to urban schools in general, Newark Public Schools (NPS) in particular.  Our mission statement is infused throughout our Secondary Education Program and mirrors both New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and TEAC’s goals for preparing competent, caring, and qualified educators. 




Department of Urban Education
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