Department of Psychology




Assistant Professor
Cognitive development and computational modeling; causal, social inference; conceptual change
Associate Professor & Graduate Director
Violent and non-violent antisocial behavior; evidence-based interventions for conduct problems and delinquency; juvenile justice practices and policies; socialization  and social development; influence of violence in communities, the media, families, and peer groups on individual behavior and mental health.
Associate Professor
Behavioral and neural correlates of reward-related processing, with an emphasis on how the affective properties of outcomes or feedback influence choice behavior. using neuroimaging and behavioral and psychophysiological methods.
Professor I 
Visual cognition; surface-color perception.
Assistant Professor
Functional brain imaging of language and reading. Tracking in both space (using magnetic resonance imaging) and time (using magnetoencephalography) how the brain computes sound and meaning from what we see.
Professor I & RUBIC Director
Computational neuroimaging, memory and learning, connectionist models, categorization, big data modeling.
Associate Professor
Interracial feedback biases; the effects of resources (e.g., social support, self worth) on perception and judgment; how self-esteem promotes attention to emotions; the effects of emotional disclosure on social judgment; and how emotional disclosure leads to news broadcasting.
Distinguished Professor
Brain activity related to genital stimulation, sexual response, orgasm, and analgesia in women and men, measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).
Professor I
Social and interpersonal conflict; behavior and unconscious cognitive schema of professionals who mediate conflict; expertise in mediation and related fields (e.g marital therapy; organizational ombudsman).
Assistant Professor
Cognitive, emotional, and perceptual development in infants and young children; threat perception; fear learning.
Assistant Professor
Implicit social cognition; effect of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination on stigmatized individuals' self-concept and identity, and mental and physical health.
Professor I & Chair
Attachment theory; adult attachment; attitudes toward mother and other adult relationships.
Assistant Professor
Functional neuroimaging of learning and decision making; the influences of affective information on cognitive processing, neural basis of goal-directed behavior.

Research Faculty

Michael Shifflett Research Assistant Professor

Emeritus Faculty

Colin Beer
Professor Emeritus
Communication behavior, social development, and breeding biology of gulls.
Mei-Fang Cheng
Professor Emeritus
Social factors in adult neurogenesis.


Gerard La Morte Teaching Instructor & Undergraduate Coordinator
Allyson Meloni Teaching Instructor
Christina Zambrano Assistant Instructor

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Uri Amit
Kenneth Aizawa
Mary Cahill
Brent Costleigh
Eugene DeRobertis
Michelle Drapkin
Jaqueline Gallios
Frank Gengaro
Matthew Giobbi
Diana Glynn
Jamie Gorman
Mohammed Haghighi
Ellen Halpern
Robert Jaskiewicz
Nan Jacobson-Wise
Rober Kurland
James Morgante
Julio Olivo
Warren Reich
Sandra Samuels
Jonathan Slyker
David Stout
Theresa Tantay-Wilson
Roxanne Vega

Non-Tenure Track Criteria

Associated Graduate Faculty from Other Departments
Patrick Shafto
Gretchen Van De Walle