Intracavity Opto-Galvanic Spectroscopy (ICOGS) Research Project

This Major Research Instrument Development Project is sponsored by the National Science Foundation

Abstract: Carbon 14 (14C) exists in the biosphere with an abundance of about 1 part per trillion relative to carbon 12, and decays with a half-life of 5730 years thus providing a tag for carbon dating. In addition, compounds labeled with 14C are routinely used to trace metabolism in physiology research. In atmospheric science, small changes in 14C content can monitor how much carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning. Sensitive measurement of 14C now requires the use of large dedicated and expensive particle accelerators. In this project, a new laser based ultra-sensitive 14C detection instrument for routine quantitation of 14CO2 will be developed. The resulting system will be easy to operate and allow the use of extremely small (of order 0.1 mg) samples.

Collaborators include scientists from other universities, national laboratories and industry.

Daniel Murnick:
Principle Investigator
Phone: 973-353-5446/5250
Office: 366 Smith Hall

Erhan Ilkmen
Phone: 973-353-1310
Office: 360 Smith Hall

Cantwell Carson:
Visiting Scientist
Phone: 404-769-0225

Mark DeGuzman
Research Project Coordinator
Phone: 973-353-1310
Fax: 973-353-1434
Office: 363 Smith Hall

Dipayan Paul:
PhD Student
Phone: 973-353-1310
Office: 363 Smith Hall

Michael Gray:
IT Support
Phone: 973-353-1310
Office: 363 Smith Hall

Andrew Reynolds
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Phone: 973-353-1310
Office: 363 Smith Hall




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Phone: 973.353.5250/1312, Fax: 973.353.1434