Careers in History

What can you do with the history major?

Students often ask, "What can I do with a history major?" A history major is excellent preparation for many professional careers in a variety of fields, including business, government, law, education, finance, and international affairs.

The study of history develops students'

    Knowledge of the historical context of present conditions
    Research skills, the ability to
    Capacity to reason based upon evidence
    Ability to communicate clearly
        Presentation skills
        Writing skills

Many careers depend upon the history skill set:
Government Agencies

    Agency Historian
    Park Guide
    Park Ranger
    Administrative Program Specialist
    US Park Police Officer
    Realty Specialist
    Intelligence Research Specialist
    Program Liaison Specialist
    Foreign Affairs Officer


    National Archives and Records Administration (NARA),
    State and Local Archives
    Medical and Institutional Archives
    Archivist, Documentary Conservator
    Research and Reference Specialist

Public History

    Program Manager
    Museum Director
    Exhibit Project Manager
    Director of Properties
    Oral Historian
    Exhibits Specialist
    Collections Manager
    Provenance Specialist

Many Rutgers history graduates successfully compete for admission to top law, business, and graduate schools in the country. Some history majors have gone on to medical school by combining a  history major with an appropriate sequence of science courses. Some have earned the state teaching certificate by enrolling in the program offered through the Department of Urban Education. Others pursue master's or doctoral degrees to conduct research and teach at the college level.