Economic Internships

The Department of Economics offers Individual Study in Economics (220:499). In some cases, students may be able to combine this academic experience with an internship taken for up to 3 elective credits towards the economics major. Under no circumstances will internship credit be given for normal work duties performed in pre-existing employment. Students should consult the Career Development Center for a current list of potential internships. Students must also discuss the prospects of obtaining credit for a particular internship with the Economics Department chairperson.  It is highly recommended that students complete both Economics 322 Econometrics and Economics 323 Intermediate Microeconomics prior to doing an internship for credit. 

Recommended steps in getting course credit for an economics internship:

1.  Contact Cheryl Egan at the Rutgers-Newark Career Development Center to get internship approval.  There are official Rutgers forms that your employer will need to complete.

2.  Contact the Economics Department Chairperson for department approval.

3.  Contact the Economics Department Administrator to register for Econ 499.

4.  Complete the internship and have your supervisor submit a final evaluation of your job performance to the department chairperson.

5.  Submit a weekly log of your work activities and a short research paper based upon your work experience.  Prior approval for the paper topic should be obtained form the Department Chairperson.