Degree Navigator FAQ's for Students

1. What is Degree Navigator?

Degree Navigator (DN) is a tool designed to allow students and advisors to view and plan academic progress. Our implementation of Degree Navigator is a work in progress. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to review degrees, options, and available features of the program. Please contact your academic advisor at your school for assistance if you have any questions.

​2. How can I explore other majors and minors?

Go to the "Search" menu in the upper-right corner and select "Programs of Study." You may search by department name or department number. Please do not use quotes when searching.

3. What are the campus codes for the Degree Navigator program?

  • Camden (CA)

  • Newark (NK)

  • ​New Brunswick/Piscataway (NB)

4.  How do I search for a program or course within a specific campus?

You can do a Newark-specific search by typing (NK) after the name. For example, to search history courses in Newark, enter "history (NK)."

​5. I am enrolled only in one school.  Why does it show more than one program?

Degree Navigator divides your degree into two separate components:

  • Core Curriculum 

  • Major and minor programs

Please contact your academic advisor at your school if your information is not correct and we'll work to resolve the problem. 

​6. What does "reuse" mean?

"Reuse" means that courses from certain categories can overlap with other categories.

7.  How do my planned courses and current courses facor into completing my requirements?

The "My Planned Courses" tool permits you to assess the impact of future course work on your graduation requirements. Degree Navigator will include planned courses in your degree audit and show you which degree requirements they may fulfill. Planned courses are denoted with a yellow dot in the audits.

Please note: selecting a planned course does NOT automatically register you for the course, nor does Degree Navigator know whether or not the course will be offered in the semester you select. "My Planned Courses" should be used as a planning tool only in conjunction with the online Schedule of Classes.

​8.  When I search for courses, why are some listed with capital letters and missing course descriptions?

There are two types of courses represented by UPPER CASE letters:

  • Courses that are no longer being offered

  • Courses that are so new to Rutgers that they have not yet been updated in Degree Navigator.

Check the Schedule of Classes to see if the course is available.

9. I declared a major.  Why isn't it showing up in Degree Navigator?

 Please contact the academic department to confirm you are enrolled in that major.

10.  Why isn't the program using the right courses to fulfill major requirements?

Degree Navigator will automatically use the courses with the best grades to fulfill requirements in your major. In some cases, courses that you are currently taking may be used to fulfill a requirement. If you have questions about a particular course, please contact your academic department. 

11.  What should I do if I think the Core Curriculum and/or credits are incorrect?

Please contact your academic advisor at your school.

12.  Why can't I log in?

Rutgers Degree Navigator is available to currently registered undergraduate students. If you see the following error message:

Degree Navigator was unable to locate your account in the directory. Please try again by clicking the following link or contact your system administrator. Retry login.

your registration data is not part of the Degree Navigator system because you are not currently matriculated in one of the Rutgers undergraduate schools. If you believe there is an error, please contact your academic advisor at your school.

If you are not using a valid NetID and password, you will receive the following message: 

Authentication has failed. You may have entered an invalid NetID or password or the system may be experiencing a problem. If you believe your NetID is valid and you continue to experience problems, please call the Help Desk at 973-353-5083.