Degree Navigator FAQ's for Advisors

1. What is Degree Navigator?

Degree Navigator (DN) is a tool designed to allow students and advisors to view and plan academic progress. Our implementation of Degree Navigator is a work in progress. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to review the degrees, options, and available features of the program. If you have a question or feel there is an error, please contact Dean Andrea Morales for assistance.

2. How do I look up a student's record?

You can access a student’s record by entering the student’s RUID number in the box on the upper-left side of the screen, or by searching for the student’s name, email address, or RUID number in the “Search” menu on the upper-right side of the screen.

3. How do I allow a particular course to fulfill a requirement for a particular student?

As an advisor, you may be authorized by your department to make exceptions to requirements for individual student records. Changes made as exceptions will only affect the student in question, and will not affect other students in the same program.

4. How do I make an exception?

Instructions for making an exception have been emailed to all current advisors. If you have recently been given access to the Degree Navigator program, you will receive these instructions shortly.

5. How do I remove an exception?

Instructions for removing an exception have been emailed to all current advisors. If you have recently been given access to the Degree Navigator program, you will receive these instructions shortly.

6. What are the campus codes for the Degree Navigator program?

  • Camden – (CA)
  • Newark – (NK)
  • New Brunswick/Piscataway – (NB)

7. How do I search for a program or course within a specific campus?

You can do a Newark-specific search by typing (NK) after the name. For example, to search history courses in Newark, enter “history (NK).”

8. When I search for courses, why are some listed with capital letters and missing course descriptions?

There are two types of courses represented by UPPER CASE letters:

  • Courses that are no longer being offered
  • Courses that are so new to Rutgers that they have not yet been updated in Degree Navigator

Check the Schedule of Classes to see if the course is available.

9. What should I do if I think a requirement is wrong?

Please contact Dean Andrea Morales for assistance.

10. How do I report an error in the description of a major or minor?

Please contact the Dean Andrea Morales for assistance

11. Why can't I log in?

Rutgers Degree Navigator is currently available to advisors authorized by their academic departments to use the system. If you see the following error message:

Degree Navigator was unable to locate your account in the directory. Please try again by clicking the following link or contact your system administrator. Retry login.

Your registration data is not part of the Degree Navigator system because your department has not granted you access. If you believe there is an error, please see your department chair.

If you are not using a valid NetID and password, you will receive the following message:

Authentication has failed. You may have entered an invalid NetID or password or the system may be experiencing a problem. If you believe your NetID is valid and you continue to experience problems, please call the Help Desk at 973-353-5083.

12. Why can't I make exceptions?

You may not have access to make exceptions. Contact Dean Andrea Morales for information.

13. Why can't I make exceptions for all students?

You may only have access to make exceptions to YOUR SPECIFIC MAJOR (programs). Contact Dean Andrea Morales for confirmation of your access level.