The Federated Department of History extends its heartiest congratulations to this year’s graduating class. We would especially like to recognize the Phi Alpha Theta initiates: (from R-N chapter) Robert L. Alessio, Adam A. Ausaw, Daniel Da Silva, Delma Fernandez, George G. Green, Lakisha Hassell, Michael Jen, Eric Andrew Lopiccolo, Zachary K. MacCord, Malcolm R. Marshall, Jonathan Son, Philip M. Napoli, Gisel Katherine Nuñez, Alexandria Helen Peñón, Ryan A. Quiñones, Alexander Ramos, Matthew Vargas, John V. Wahlmeier, Bernard D. Whitsett III and (from NJIT chapter) Franklin M. Chou, Amanda Hefferan, Blan Jarkasi, Mark Anthony Mestres, Ryan Woods and the recipients of our undergraduate Departmental Awards: (from R-N) Michael Snyder, David Robert Friedlander Memorial Award; Brian Cody, Sydney Zebel Award; Daniel Da Silva, Edward H. Zabriskie Memorial Award; David Pelli and Jonathan Runde, Academic Excellence; (from NJIT) Andrew Kirk, History Academic Excellence and Blan Jarkasi, Law, Technology and Culture Academic Excellence.

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