Colloquium Schedule 2015-2016

The current schedule for the 2015-2016 Department of Biological Sciences Colloquium Series is given below. Unless otherwise noted, Colloquium meets on Tuesdays at 1 pm in Boyden 413 during the fall semester, and in Central King Building 303 during the spring semester. For schedule updates and additional information, like the Colloquium's Facebook page.


Fall 2015, Boyden 413

Date Speaker Host, Lab
September 1 Introduction to Colloquium and Meet-n-Greet  
15 Informal meeting with the program director  
22 Faculty talks:  Dr. Nan Gao  
29 Faculty talks:  Dr. Alex Rodriguez  
October 6 Dr. Janet Alder, Rutgers iJOBS (Interdisplinary Job Opportunities for Biomedical Scientists).  
13 Dr. Shuo Wei, West Virginia University Weber lab
20 Dr. Edward "Ted" Hinchcliffe, University of Minnesota Rodriguez lab
27 Dr. Kathryn Hamilton, University of Pennsylvania  
November 3 Dr. David La Puma, Cape May Bird Observatory Holzapfel lab
10 Graduate student meeting with Executive Committee  
17 Dr. Matthew Niemiller, UIllinois, Molecular Evolution in Caves -- To Be Rescheduled Soares lab
December 1 Dr. Ian Davison, Boston University Haspel Lab
8 Meeting of the Graduate Students  

Dr. Corrie Moreau, Daniel Wilhoft Lecture

** Boyden 413, 4 PM, with dinner reception to follow**


Spring 2016, Central King Building 303

Date Speaker Host, Lab
January 19 Colloquium Committee  
26 Q&A with Bonder  
February 2 Dr. Robert Olberg, Union College Melissa, Ware lab
9 Dr. Suzy Renn, Reed College Colloquium Committee
16 -- rescheduled --  
23 Dr. Dante Fenolio, San Antonio Zoo Soares Lab
March 1 Meeting with Executive Committee  
8 Dr. Akito Kawahara, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida Ware Lab
22 Dr. Dmitry Rinberg, NYU Langone Medical Center Haroon, Nadim lab
29 Dr. David Hughes, Penn State Subash, Garnier Lab
April 5 Postdoc talks:  Tomer Duman (Schafer lab) and Phil Barden (Ware lab)  
12 Student talks  
19 Dr. Zhiping Pang, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Dobrowolski lab
26 Dr. Matthew Tyska, Vanderbilt University Gao Lab
May 3 Robert Davis Lecture  
4 Research Day