Cherry Blossoms in Winter

Calling all artists, students, teachers! Bring spring to Newark while it is still winter...Your gift to the city for its 350th birthday
Cherry Blossoms in Winter Application 


Imagine the color spectrum of cherry blossoms against bare winter trees. The park alive during the darkest days of the season. A thousand trees extravagantly covered with fabric, lights, crystals, yarn, and more. A range of materials will suggest cherry blossoms creating an exceptional visitor experience. Sound boxes in trees will send out bird songs, others will play recordings of poets and singers from Newark; accompanying literary and musical events will lure people from the city and the region.

This is a multimedia public art project with participants from K-12 Newark schools, undergraduates at Rutgers University Newark and Essex County College, faculty from the Arts, Culture and Media department, and working artists in Newark, the region, and the country. Materials will be renewable and recycled nothing is dispensable and the spirit of renewal marks the vision. We will engage the creative energies of the young people in the city to produce this inspiring scene in Essex County Branch Brook Park.

Students from the Newark schools will create installations mentored by college students under faculty supervision. Artists and gallerists working in the city are eagerly on board as consultants, advisors, and participants, and are well situated to address the technical feasibility of site-specific outdoor lighting and sound installations and sustainable materials.

Inspired by the famous 2005 Central Park installation "The Gates" by Christo and Jeanne Claude, and reconceived for Essex County Branch Brook Park in winter of 2016 the 350th anniversary of the city of Newark, this will be a signature project of that celebration. With sufficient support and publicity, 2016 will be unforgettable as spring comes to Newark while it's still winter. In a spirit of sustainability, the success of Cherry Blossoms in Winter could herald a biennial public art ritual in the park for the city of Newark.