Bradley Hall Computer Labs

Bradley Hall Computer labs are on the fourth floor of Bradley Hall.


Labs 409 and 427 are Instructional Labs where Design, Art, Photography, and Journalism classes are held. 

The third lab is room 419, the Video Lab.  This lab is only for use by the Video program.  It contains 12 Apple Mac Pro’s running Final Cut.

The 4th lab is the Journalism Lab, which has 15 Imacs for Journalism students to use.  The room is also outfitted with a projector and sound system and is often used for round-table discussions and guest speakers.

Our 5th lab is an Open lab.  It has 14 Apple Imacs, 2 laser jet printers and 3 scanners.  This lab is open for anyone in the Rutgers community to use within the confines of scheduled lab hours.