Basic Writing Skills

The College’s learning objectives call for effective written and oral communication, effective reading, and critical and creative thinking. All students must therefore demonstrate basic writing skills by completing a 6-credit sequence with a grade of C or better.

This requirement can be met by completing either of two sequences:

  • English Composition 101 and 102; or
  • Honors English Composition 103 and 104.

All incoming students take a placement test to determine their eligibility to enroll in writing classes. Those who do not place into Composition 101 or 103 will be enrolled in the appropriate class to prepare them to complete one of the required courses.

Do not confuse the Basic Writing requirement with the Writing Across the Curriculum requirement. All students must also complete 6 credits in writing-intensive classes beyond the introductory level. English Composition 102 or 104 is a prerequisite for all writing-intensive classes.